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About Our Club

The members of the Beaufort Rowing Club come from all different walks of life. What began as a loosely knit association of people with a shared interest in rowing has grown over the years to a club with over 50 members. In 2010, the Beaufort Rowing Club formalized itself by chartering with the state of SC and filing for federal tax-exempt status. We are a registered club with USRowing and some members elect to participate in different regattas each year. We have rowers from their 20s to their 80s, but welcome all ages to our family. With each year that passes, we look forward to continued growth of our organization and increased visibility for the sport of rowing in the Coastal SC area. 

Designed by one of our very own rowers, Michael Frederick. This design recognizes our famous white dolphin "snowball"  and our attempts to keep our heads in the boat while rowing in one of the most beautiful places on earth.


Our Oar Design
Our Community

Our club loves our community and in order to show our commitment to keeping our waterways beautiful, we have adopted our boat landing and are dedicated to keeping it clean and beautiful for our wildlife, boats, and friends for generations to come.

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